Therapies and treatments:

  • Mizan Therapy  massage and post natal “closing the bones” with Ruth Willis.
  • Mizan Therapy and Reflexology with Rachel Miller
  • Pregnancy massage with Caroline Wagstaffe.
  • Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage with Jude Soames
  • Closing the Bones ceremony with Jude Soames
  • Pregnancy and Post natal massage with Ann Ball
  • Pregnancy Reflexology with Ann Ball
  • Closing the Bones ceremony with Ann Ball
  • Fear cleansing with Lydia Bailand

Antenatal classes and workshops:

  • Yoga for pregnancy in Hexham with Caroline Wagstaffe.
  • Birth roots pregnancy sessions with Katie I’Anson and Rachel Darby.
  • Hypnobirthing classes with Ann Ball
  • Creative Childbirth Classes with Lydia Bailand

Other services:

  • Birth pool hire: contact Ruth Willis or Katie I’Anson.
  • Placenta Encapsulation contact Ruth Willis or Olivia Crocker
  • Mother Blessings with Ann Ball
  • Mother Nurture preparing for post natal day retreat with Ann Ball


  • World Doula Week public event: Tuesday 21st march 10am-12pm. Broadacre house, Newcastle. Contact Katie for details.
  • World Doula Day film night for doulas: March 22nd. Contact Katie for details.