Ruth Willis

Hello, I am currently unavailable for birth doula work. Please contact me to discuss pregnancy and post natal support.

I believe that all women have the right to choose.

We choose what food we eat, what clothes we wear, where we live and how we birth our babies. We choose how we raise our children, why would we not want to choose how we bring them into the world?
I see my role as your doula is to support you in making your choices, what ever they are.
I believe that birth has the potential to be the most amazing experience a woman and her partner can have. I believe that by having good doula support in your pregnancy, birth and beyond, you will be more likely to achieve the positive birth experience you wish for.
A major part of what a doula is, or does, is to support and ‘ free up’ the mother’s partner, aiding them to more fully support and connect with the mum and the birth of their baby.
A doula is there to hold the energy of the birth together, to help achieve and maintain an air of relaxation and blissfulness. What benefits a birthing mother best is good emotional, mental and practical support from people she knows and trusts. A doula can be the best pain relief a woman could have!

I believe you can have your cake and eat it!

How I like to work

I work in providing support on a physical, emotional and mental level, which is why I pay for all my clients to have bespoke hypnobirthing and, if applicable, fear/ trauma release work with Ruth Olayinka. So while Ruth will prepare you on a mental level for your birth, I will support your physical wellbeing with Mizan massage during pregnancy. During your pregnancy, you can expect to have at least 3 meetings with me, in addition to the massage appointments, to discuss your birth plans, go over questions, look at ways in which your partner can support you during the pregnancy, birth and in the post natal period too. I have been a Placenta specialist since 2013, and can prepare remedies from your placenta for your post natal healing. I also offer breastfeeding support and a post natal doula service, including a belly wrapping ceremony based on the many indigenous post natal traditions, for example “Closing the Bones”.

I am primarily a “home birth” doula, although I have plenty of experience working in the hospitals should that need arise!

Please feel free to call or email me if you would like to meet up or have a chat about how I could support you with your birth plans, I’m always happy to chat!

Ruth willis 07866 806058



A little bit about me!
In 2001, I went to live in a community in La Alpurra, the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in southern Spain, called Beneficio. Beneficio had become well known as a place where you could come and have your baby in the nature and be supported by lay midwives from that community. The midwives ran a weekly antenatal group called Da-a-Luz (Translation: To give birth/ To give light). The pregnant women from Beneficio and the surrounding areas would come to the weekly group for yoga, to socialise and to meet with the midwives and other birth practioners.
I spent 6 years living in Beneficio and with the Da-a-Luz midwives, learning from women who had real experience of natural undisturbed birth, and seeing first hand the benefits of choosing your care providers, and building up a trust with them. I continue to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience with the Da-a-Luz midwives and doulas on my regular visits back to Spain.
Since returning to England, in 2008, to live, I have undertaken a variety of training, where I have gained knowledge about how best to support a woman in her childbearing year, I include in this list the invaluable experience of my own birth experience.


2004 to present: Birth and postnatal doula.
January 2009: Became a Mother to a daughter, born peacefully at home in the water.
July / August 2009: I trained to be a Breastfeeding Peer supporter with Northumberland NHS Health Trust.
September 2010 til 2011: co-ran a Steiner parent and child group. I am currently one of the Trustees for the North East Steiner Community.
April 2011:Spirit of Birth (Da-a-luz) -how to create and maintain effective energy in the birth space.
June 2011:Out of the Ordinary (Da-a-luz) – with guest speaker Charrise Basquin – what to do when things don’t go to plan, and coping with birth trauma.
July 2011: Dancing For Birth_ич Instructor training, with Stephanie Larson. I completed my training and fulfilled the criteria in order to be a qualifed instructor by August 2011.
August 2011: Attended a Hypnobirthing (Mongan Method) course, split over 4 sessions.
September 2011: Met and joined forces with Julie Dawid (Independent midwife) under the umberella which is Northern Midwifery. (
October 2011:Body and Soul: Healing Birth Traumas, with Benig Mauger (
January 2012: Childbirth International Study Day: Just birth; Hands-on skills for supporting birthing women, with Rebecca A. Wright (
February 2012: O.P. Study Day; How to supoort a woman through O.P. labour, with Independent Midwife, Julie Dawid.
March 2012: Spinning Babies and Belly Mapping: Easier childbirth with fetal positioning, with Gail Tully (
April 2012: Working with Muslim families, with Bushra Finch (
June 2012: Mindful Doulas: Birth and post natal doula preparation, with Adela Stockton and Nicola Goodall (
July 2012: Birth Crisis Study Day, with Sheila Kitzinger and Prof. Celia Kitzinger. (
May 2013: When Survivors give Birth, with Penny Simkin. ( )
October 2013: IPEN placenta specialist training with Lynnea Shrief. (
May 2014: Mizan Abdominal Therapy Practitioner training with Bushra Finch (

October 2015: Mizan Abdominal Therapy Advanced Practitioner training with Bushra Finch

March 2017: Mizan 2 day Pregnancy and Postnatal care training with Bushra Finch (

February 2018: 40 hours of Breastfeeding education with Emily Clarke from IBCLC.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a question about any of the courses I have undertaken, I’ll be more than happy to expand.

“Ruth helped us to prepare for a peaceful labour without fear and assisted us in creating a birth space in our home that was the perfect environment to welcome our little one.
Ruth is caring, supportive, spiritual, and empowering. Ruth is skilled in many areas such as singing, dancing, meditative and relaxing practices that she shared with us and were very beneficial during pregnancy and labour. Ruth is very personable, a great listener and communicator and we found it so easy to talk to her about anything that worried us about the whole experience.. Ruth is a mother and this adds to her depth of knowledge and understand about all matters to do with entering motherhood Ruth also helped my husband to become very involved in my pregnancy and helped build his confidence so he too was not afraid and felt very much part of the birthing experienced. Having a Doula meant my husband could fully support me during labour and rest when needed knowing that I was not alone.
Ruth’s knowledge extends to other areas such as optimal nutrition during pregnancy, alternative and complimentary therapies that we found beneficial. Ruth’s other area of expertise is professionals placenta preparation and encapsulation and this is a service provided us with. It was all seamless from the beginning (especially as we also hired her birthing pool) and our placenta pills were delivered very quickly with a beautiful print, hand made chocolates (which she also makes and our 100% good and guilt free) and other goodies. The pills were magic and instantly made me feel better. I know my quick recovery was due to placenta power! I was concerned about post natal depression due to having previously suffered depression,anxiety and PTSD. I have not had any signs of depression and the capsules were amazing when I felt emotionally over whelmed.” (Jess)

“Ruth was my perfect doula for the home birth of my twins, she was there when you needed her smiling and loving and also quietly unobtrusive when you just wanted a quiet time with your new ones. She cooks the most wonderful wholesome meals, entertained and cared for my other kids, ran glorious baths filled with petals, sang songs, soothed my worries, dotted on my little ones in a very respectful sacred manner. She gave me space and created a most warmly, homely, gloriously light space too, with ease and a smile. Amazing womyn, so glad to have her as my doula and friend, even my mama, if that was possible. I loved having her around, she knew just what to do, was efficient and grounded and helped me heaps. I love her for that and more” (Dee)

“It’s amazing and incredible the energy you bring! Thank you for being there with us.”(Susanne)