I have always had a deep interest in pregnancy and birth. While pregnant with my own daughter 3 years ago I discovered how vital it is to find support that it is truly trusting of the natural birthing process and allows it to unfold in its own time and have since trained as a doula with Red Tent Doulas.

Although we cannot predict and control exactly how things will pan out, since pregnancy and birth changes us as women and as human beings, it is vital that our experiences leave us feeling loved, held, respected and whole.

As a doula I accompany women throughout pregnancy, during labour and in early motherhood by providing emotional, practical, informational, physical and spiritual support throughout your journey.

I am not there to replace your partner during your labour; part of my role is to support them so that they are more able to support you. Having an experienced person and continuum of care in the form of a doula can really enable your partner to feel more confident and at ease in doing this.

I am also a Placenta Specialist and am currently training as a Breastfeeding Counsellor.

For more information please visit my website http://www.belemamabirth.co.uk

Or contact me by email or phone:

email: belemamabirth@gmail.com

tel: 07725791856