IMG_0503I am the woman I am today because of my birth experiences. My mother birthed me as gently and with as much love as she knew how. And I birthed my own daughter with just as much consciencious love. And I am confident that she will do the same in her own time.

The pregnancy and birth of my first child was a life changing experience. I was faced with a great many choices about how and when to birth, choices that I knew would effect how I feel about myself as a mother and the future health of my child. I did my research. I felt confident in my choices.

When birthing day came, most of those choices were respected but some where not. This left me feeling a little out of control and traumatised. What would I have done differently? I would have hired a doula!

“If we are to heal the planet, we must begin by healing birthing.”

Agnes Sallet Von Tannenberg

I became a doula because I wanted to ensure that the families I am privileged to work with have a birth experience that they feel empowered by. I want to help them navigate the wealth of information about birth choices so that they can make informed choices that suit their needs. I believe that this is the best way to increase satisfaction with birth experiences and to ensure the next generation of compassionate families that are able to reach their highest potential.

My services:​

Every birth is different so I aim to offer a service that is flexible and affordable for most families. If my basic packages, below, do not suit your circumstances, please contact me by email or telephone to see if I can accommodate your specific needs.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please don’t let cost be a barrier to support. Please contact me to discuss alternative compensations methods.

Birth and post-natal package
My birth and post-natal package is a complete service from the moment you find out you’re pregnant through the weeks after your baby is born. I offer 2 ante-natal appointments to ensure you, the parents and I can be comfortable together during the birth. We will go over your birth plans, talk about releasing fear about birth, sign-post you to further information to ensure you feel confident and informed in your choices. Most of all this time is to just get to know each other. I will provide a four week on-call period beginning at the end of week 37 of your pregnancy. During this period you will be able to contact me at any time for any reason. I will of course attend your birth and stay until you feel confident with your new baby. Finally, I provide 1 post-natal visit to ensure that family are settling in and finding their rhythm, ensure you recieve support for any post-natal concerns, and provide you with an opportunity to tell your birth story. £750

Post-natal only package
My post-natal only package is designed to support both parents in the “baby moon” period to promote a smooth and confident transition to into parenthood. Support can come in the form of practical care, nutritional support (including freezer stuffing), support in observing rites of passage or cultural traditions around transitioning to parenthood, or help accessing other services. I offer 1 ante-natal visit to get to know you and discuss your vision for the post-natal period. The rest of your block booked hours can be used at any point in the first six weeks after the birth of your baby. £220 for 10 hours or £420 for 20 hours

Fertility One-to-One
Today, 1 in 3 men and 1 in 4 women experience some kind of infertility. Planning for pregnancy when you are experiencing infertility can be a difficult time emotionally, practically, and financially.

I use a combination of therapies to support natural fertility over the course of three months.

I will:

  • teach you how to chart your menstrual cycle and understand fertility signs and help you identify problems in your cycle including hormone imbalances.

  • assess your diet for changes that may better support your adrenals, liver, and thyroid (organs essential to fertility).

  • discuss how emotions and stress affect our fertility and suggest ways that you may begin to heal or manage them better.

£60 for initial one and a half hour consultation, £45 for follow up appointments.

Rite of Passage Ceremonies
A Blessingway and a Closing-the-Bones are ceremonies from American Indian tradition that celebrate a woman’s journey into motherhood. They focus on the spiritual and practical changes she must go through to become a mother and build bonds of empathy and feminine support between those who attend.

A Blessingway is a little like the Western tradition of a baby shower, but more focused on personal development than on recieving gifts for the baby.

A Closing-the-Bones is a ceremony where friends welcome the new mother with warming treats to eat, a symbolic wrapping and uncovering, and massage with warming oils.

I am of American Indian descent so these traditions have a a lot of meaning for me and I am happy to share it with the women I work with. If you would like to celebrate in this way, I can arrange and host a ceremony for you. £250


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