I have been working with pregnant and postnatal women since 2002 as a specialist massage therapist and I am a founding partner of Newcastle Pregnancy and Baby Centre. I had my own children in 2005 and 2007 and my experiences during my own pregnancy, labour and postnatal led me to want to help women to have as happy and positive time as I enjoyed.

Antenatal Doula

Unfortunately I am unable to attend births at the moment.  However, I would like all women and their partners to enjoy their labour and have a positive experience they can celebrate for the rest of their lives. As an antenatal doula I hope to take the fear out of birth and to help women find strength, trusting her body and instincts.  I believe each woman has her own way of labouring, and my role is to give her the space and time to relax and to find her way to her baby.    

Postnatal Doula

Many parents feel overwhelmed by a new baby’s arrival – their focus was on the labour and achieving a positive outcome, but the time following the labour can be the most challenging, exhausting and bewildering, and unlike labour it lasts for weeks!  As a postnatal doula I work with the mother to help her make sense of those challenging first weeks, gently supporting and reassuring  her and celebrating each tiny achievement as she bonds with her baby.


Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

Closing the Bones Ceremonies

Breastfeeding peer support with Healthworks

Baby Wearing peer support

Contact me : jude@soamestherapy.co.uk or 07789010317   www.soamestherapy.co.uk