Caroline Wagstaffe

I am a mother of three and since having my own children I have become interested in focusing my work around pregnancy and childbirth.

I have been working as a doula for the last 7 years and I have been honoured to attend births both in hospital, birthing units and at home.

I offer experienced emotional, practical and informative support for women and families in the lead up to, during and immediately after childbirth. By building up a trusting relationship over time I can act to protect the your wishes, keep interruptions to a minimum, assist with decision making, promote calm confidence and help to hold a safe and private birthing environment.

I have completed a two year training as a birth educator and yoga for pregnancy teacher in Edinburgh at the Pregnancy and Parents Centre. I run weekly yoga for pregnancy classes which include birth preparation discussions. I believe in the importance of being fully informed in the build up to birth and beyond and can guide you to up to date and impartial research to help you make the decisions that are right for you.

I have completed the NHS breastfeeding peer support training and have a lot of experience in supporting women to breastfeed.

I have also been working as a massage and reiki therapist for twelve years. I specialise in massage for pregnancy, labour and postnatally.  This can be a wonderful preparation for birth and parenting. It encourage deep relaxation, connection to the baby and releases tensions, stress and discomfort. Accupressure points can also be extremely useful during birth in a variety of situations.

For more information please go to my website, or call 07982 997052.